Cherry Point Fish Boil

Fish Boils are scheduled every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday night starting at 6:00 in July and August. Make your reservations at 231-861-2029

Fish boils have been a tradition of the upper great lakes for over 100 years. Scandanavians who immigrated to the midwest are credited with introducing the custom to the early settlements. Whitefish from the cold water of the Great Lakes was plentiful and it was easy to cook a meal outdoors by boiling fish, potatoes and onions together in a large kettle.

Today this tradition continues at Cherry Point. A wood fire is built in our specially designed fire pit and a custom made kettle filled with water is brought to a boil. As the first basket filled with redskin potatoes is lowered into the kettle the boil begins. Later, onions are added and finally a second basket filled with fresh whitefish is lowered into the kettle.

The highlight of the boiling process is the "boil over." A pint of kerosene thrown on the fire sends flames shooting skyward and the resulting flash of heat causes water in the kettle to churn and boil over the sides. Oil drawn out of the fish during the boil accumulates on the surface and is flushed over the sides as well. The spectacular flash and roar of the overboil announces that dinner is ready.

Sweet mild whitefish, succulent onions and potatoes are served up picnic style with herb seasoned butter, cole slaw and garlic toast.

Home made cherry pie and ice cream complete the tradition. We invite everyone to gather, sip lemonade and enjoy the activity of the entire boil. It is an event, a gathering, a tradition with taste!

We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our Fish Boil events. Several people have requested that we conduct Fish Boils for their private group. We will be pleased to schedule a private party for any organization with twenty-five or more adults. Please call Barbara at 231-861-2029 for further details.

We will look forward to seeing you.